Our Projects

Each member of Gear International’s leadership team has extensive experience in government contract work in Afghanistan, the Middle East and other locations throughout the world. Past projects cover the spectrum from security, vehicle maintenance, construction, transportation, full cycle life support to IT Services.  The following are some of the highlights:


  • Prime Contractor for Armored Vehicle Management for the Afghan Government.
  • Prime Contractor for equipment and vehicle maintenance countrywide in Afghanistan.
  • Senior Leadership Team managed the Host Nation Trucking and National Afghan Trucking Contracts in Afghanistan.
  • Sole contractor for Cargo Movements for major air carrier in Afghanistan.
  • Senior Leadership Team managed the Afghanistan MOI and MOD IT Contract for more than 4 years.
  • Senior Leadership Team Member was Director of Operations for a contract with more than 6,000 personnel in Iraq.
  • Subcontractor for Large Multinational businesses providing full cycle life support and movement for 25 Expats in Afghanistan.
  • Our Leadership Team has successful executed more than 32 contracts for the US Department of Defense, Department of State, and International Corporations.
  • Gear International has developed many innovative approaches and procedures which significantly improved efficiencies, safety and scalability, in both the Afghan and Iraq theaters.