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About GEAR

Gear International is a multi-faceted company that has performed and completed extensive projects throughout Afghanistan and other austere environments around the globe. Gear International is headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan with office in United Arab Emirates.

Our Company has an excellent track record for contracts in Vehicle Maintenance, Transportation, Facility/Life Support, Equipment Rental, Construction and Manpower Solutions. Our 10 years of proven experience has assisted the U.S. Government and several major corporations with completing their missions on time and under budget. We have proven ourselves as a trusted partner in Afghanistan.


Gear International is managed with the utmost integrity. We believe honesty, diligence and reliability should be the basis of all businesses. We strive for success through the integrity we bestow. This is a core hiring criteria for all staff we employ.


Gear International is a global corporation that does business in many dynamic and challenging markets. We rely on our employees to express and replicate our values, ensuring that we conduct business in a way that respects rule of law and human rights.


At Gear International our reliability is measured by our results. Our reliability is applied to the performance of our individuals, products, processes, and data. In order for Gear International and our customers to be successful, all of our components must be reliable.


At Gear International you can trust that we will do what we say. Our team of dedicated professionals is focused on providing services in which we are qualified. As a Customer you will benefit from our corporate culture of being trustworthy and forthright.
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